Better information leads to better care

Iconic iD is a simple, safe and secure way for people to create and store an emergency profile (emergency contact, and optionally, important medical information [allergies, medications, medical conditions, etc.]). We provide this information directly to certified and trained first responders during a medical emergency.

How Iconic iD Works

  • Partnerships

    Iconic iD establishes partnerships with insurance companies to provide our services to their policyholders. Partners receive a customized co-branded website where their policyholders can easily sign up.
  • Emergency Profiles

    Insurance policyholders create an emergency profile which includes emergency contacts, and optionally, important medical information. This information is stored and encrypted in the Iconic iD Emergency Profile Vault. Policyholders receive vehicle and home decals.
  • First Responders

    Iconic iD provides first responders with training and grants FREE access to the Iconic iD Emergency Profile Vault. Responders are able to create their own emergency profiles.
  • Peace of Mind

    Partners, first responders and families have peace of mind knowing lifesaving information is available during a medical emergency. People are notified whenever their emergency profile is accessed.

About the Decal

When first responders see the Iconic iD decal on a vehicle or home during an emergency, they know they can access important emergency contact and medical information securely stored in the Iconic iD Emergency Profile Vault. With this instant access, they can provide better medical care and keep loved ones informed.


Iconic Partners

  • First Responders

    During a medical emergency you need the right information at the right time to save lives. With Iconic iD, you now have instant and secure access to this information at your fingertips. Provide better medical care and save time with instant access to someone's emergency contact and medical information. Free for first responders. Contact Us for more information.
  • Insurance Providers

    We partner with insurance companies to offer peace of mind to their policyholders. Iconic iD is an add-on service to any insurance policy. Your policyholders will get more value and know you care about their well-being, especially during a medical emergency, with an Iconic iD subscription. Contact us for more information.
  • Families/Individuals

    Store as much, or as little information, as you choose in our secure Iconic iD Emergency Profile Vault. This information will only be accessed during an emergency situation, by certified and trained emergency responders. Your information is safe and you will always be notified if your emergency profile has been accessed. Ask your insurance agent about Iconic iD and receive your home and car decals today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Don't emergency responders already have this information?

    They really do not. Many emergency responders are frustrated with the inability to access a patient's medical and emergency contact information in a timely manner.
  • What information do they have access to?

    Without Iconic iD, first responders only have access to address information on a DMV record. Just a handful of states collect emergency contact information however none of them collect important medical information.
  • How private is my information?

    Privacy is very important to us. That's why we immediately notify you if your emergency profile has been accessed. Emergency Profile Information is securely stored and encrypted in the Iconic iD Emergency Profile Vault. Only certified and trained emergency responders are granted access to the Vault.
  • I'm a responder, how do I get access?

    Emergency responders are given free access to the Iconic iD Emergency Profile Vault, however they must be employed by a partner law enforcement, fire or EMS department or agency. Please contact us for more information. We look forward to working together!